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    Our staff will confirm your reservation as soon as possible. In the meantime you can browse our tourist offer, check out amazing things that you can see or do in this lovely town. PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT NOTICES BELLOW.


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    Foča - a place where heritage and nature's beauty come together! Foča is a beautiful town located in southeast part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, close to the Montenegro border.

    If interested, our sightseeing guides will help you find the perfect activities - from outdoor adventures to cultural events.

    We have 60 guest rooms in the Hotel Zelengora. Our front desk staff is available 24/7 to all of our guests. Free parking spot is available. Here is one more very important thing to keep in mind - the restaurant in our hotel is not yet finished, but we will provide you with our coupon for a nearby restaurant, you don't have to worry about meals.

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    and standards

    At Hotel Zelengora, the following services and standards are available to our guests


    60 Guest rooms

    Sixty guest rooms, including single rooms, double rooms, triple, mini-suits that you can also rent if you plan on staying a bit longer, and of course a suite with a large bathroom (whirlpool bathtub included).

    River view

    River Ćehotina flows near our hotel Zelengora. Those who get a room on a river side will enjoy the view, others can enjoy walking down the river bank and rest in the nearby caffe bar.

    Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi Fi in all the rooms and in the hotel lobby. Every floor is covered with wireless. If you are having any issues please inform the reception. Internet can get slow if overloaded.

    Bars and restaurants

    If you are not a fan or do not have enough time to spend on the adventure tours or sightseeing, you can rest in the nearby restaurants and bars. People in this town are very friendly towards foreigners and they speak English. Do not hesitate to ask if you need something.

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    Upcoming events in Foča

    Currently there are no upcoming events in our city


    Our dear guests should keep in mind that even though the parking is free, it is sometimes hard to find a parking spot. We do not guarantee that the parking spot will be waiting for you, but please, do not hesitate to ask our Hotel staff to help you find a parking spot.